Friday, April 3, 2009

Tysabri Patient Education Program

Last night I gave my speech for a patient education program sponsored by Biogen Idec, the makers of the drug Tysabri.
It probably was one of the best events I have attended. It was the first time I gave my " new and somewhat tweaked" version of my speech. I like the changes I made to it. It helps set the stage for how things were before I began Tysabri.
It's no secret that I have had tremendous success with this drug. I am very proud of myself and my success.
As we all know success doesn't include a "magic pill".Or in this case an IV once a month.
It takes alot of hard work and the right attitude. ( ok, stop with the attitude jokes) Plus taking care of yourself. Eating right, exercise. Nothing is going to have success unless you can formulate a plan to include all of these factors.
I work really really hard at doing these things. Although I did eat a big cookie last night and then stole one for the drive home LOL
This event was alot of fun for me because I knew so many people there. They brought their friends and so on. I usually don't like to speak in front of friends.
Thanks for behaving yourself and not heckling me. I know some of you were dying to do it.
Thanks for not making funny faces at me while I was speaking. I know a few of you probably wanted to that to.
But most of all, thanks for being there. As you heard from my speech I have no family support
so friends are important to me.
I met so many wonderful people. In fact I had to duck out to use the restroom ( surprise, surpise) and when I returned people were waiting at the door for me.
I am sincere about my offer to listen. So to those of you who had a private moment with me, please call me. It'll be okay. We'll get you thru this together.

Hopefully, I'll be speaking for Biogen Idec again soon and will have the chance to meet others on Tysabri or considering Tysabri.


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Libby said...

Cathy, I'm getting on tysabri asap, myy dr says! she needs to get TOUCH certified to prescribe it, right? Anyway, I gave her assistant the tysabri tn friday, so they can get started!!