Friday, April 24, 2009

Keep your cool with Cooling vests

I spent the morning adding a bunch of new products to my website
and I haven't got most of what I want on it.
This is a new product line for me and I am very excited. I made myself the promise that I wouldn't put crap on my site and so far I believe I haven't.
These items might be a little more expensive that some of the ones you have seen around but I truly believe the quality is the difference.

I am the last one who wants to be out somewhere with a cooling vest that doesn't work.
I also wanted one that didn't scream " I am going hunting or fishing." At least these come in different colors so well I'm going to say it " they a little more girly".
The bottom line for me is comfort and not passing out in the upcoming months of heat.

There are some great new hats ( not all of which are on the site yet) and neck wraps ( not all of which are on the site yet).
I have included a wonderful explanation of the different types of vests and depending on what you are doing as to what you can expect.
My head feels like it is going to explode. It is very very time consuming work and very very hard on my brain to add even one item and this morning I added several.
So, please check back from time to time. I will be adding more as my head allows.
Burst ! I think it is time to lay down !
Today is Mark's birthday and we have plans to go to dinner. (something we rarely do anymore)
Happy birthday sweetheart ! I love you !


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