Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vacation plans are done !

After many hours of deliberations we have finally pulled our vacation plans together.

My primary focus was to find a way for Mark to escape where no one could reach him. LOL. that wasn't reality butthe second one was so we could both relax.
His job is stressing him out which is stressing me out. He has so much on his plate and while he loves what he is doing it is job overload.

So our plans are... the drumroll please....
We are going to fly to Venice and cruise Italy, Greece and Croatia.
No I'm not kidding !

We found a wonderful deal and have traveled with this company before. We tried so many options and drove the companies involved crazy trying to fit our crazy schedules into a vacation.

I have to work around my Tysabri infusion and he has to work around job conflicts. Amongst other things.

So we are both excited about the trip. I have always dreamed of cruising Greece. I love Greek food. And he has been to Italy before so he can mini tour guide. We have to fly in early and spend two nights in Venice ( boo hoo). I want to take a gondola ride and eat pizza.

I'll share more details as the time approaches but for now we are very excited. Hopefully nothing will interfere with this. We both really need a vacation together.


Less than two weeks til our MS Walk.

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Libby said...

oh my gosh, cathy, how exciting!! how will you be able to sleep til then? lol!!