Sunday, April 26, 2009

MS Walk

Today was our MS Walk. It was a huge sccuess despite the pouring rain.

The rain seem to go away just as the MS Walk began.
We got there about 7:30 am and set up our table for our business. I had brought some products to showcase as well as some products to sell.
It got a little crazy.People loved my MS Bear Hugs. These bears are sooo cute and so huggable and I sold a bunch of them today.

The State Representaive showed up for the ribbon cutting but the Senator did not and other State rep. did not show. Nobody from NMSS was surprised by the no shows. I was really hurt and surprised. See if they get my vote next time they are running.

The one State Rep that did show up came last year as well. I have met him several times before and he is truly supportive of not only NMSS but our small town. When he ran for re-election
recently I wanted to be his campaign manager. You just don't find guys like him very often. He is truly an asset to our community.
While he was there. He wrote me a check as a donation. I was flabbergasted.

I have a zillion orders to process and inventory to do so I know what I have to reorder but all in all it was a success.
3 of my team members didn't show up. One I not surpised by but the other two I am.

Thanks to all my team members, Nancy,Bob, Steve and Larry ( the dog). To Barb and Matthew ( sorry you weren't feeling well, but I know that chocolate chip cookie helped) Jackie and Kaitlyn.
who weathered thru this dreary and cold weather for me. It means more to me than you will
ever know. Thanks to Larry who got his little white paws wet for me.

Thanks so much to Jackie and Kaitlyn who helped me at my table. Kaityln you were great with the bears.
Thanks to all of you who learned about my business and who purchased something.

Thanks most of all to Mark who did so much, as always, for this MS Walk. They even gave him a volunteer shirt in neon green. Thanks so much for making my life wonderful. I can't imagine life without you.



Jay said...

Great stuff, it was sunny in SF for our walk--lots of people walking... three miles was tough, but with the help of my wife and friends, I did ok.



Cathy said...

congrats Jay for doing the walk. I really really want to do it next year.