Sunday, April 12, 2009

MS Walk training update

Mark and I just got back from a walk around the block. The weather was great and NO coat was required.
This is Wisconsin and weather has well basically sucked for so long that NO coat is wonderful.

I was really dragging near the end but Mark kept talking and I could focus on that instead of the steps I was taking.
I could see the park so I was motivated. I'm really starting to believe I can pull this off next year.
3 miles is a long distance for someone with multiple sclerosis but I want it so bad.

I had a conversation with someone the other day( whom I have never met in person). She is just a phone voice. She said in short that if I attempt it she will be there at the finish line for me.
Wow ! That's the motivation I need and so much appreciate.
Maybe she can call my parents and explain support to them. hahahahahahaha !

Gotta laugh about it because the alternative is tears and I promised myself I wouldn't shed another tear about my family walking away.
I am enjoying walking again. I'm going to the mall again on Thursday and hopefully do two laps of the mall instead of one. We shall see.

We finalized our vacation plans and I will post about it shortly. I'm very excited.
It'll be a romantic, relaxing vacation in a place I never thought I would go to.
So a hint. No, just a teaser.



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