Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I have been so busy lately I realized I haven't blogged in a few days.
Not like me but I seem to move a few steps forward and several steps back and nothing is getting done.

I'd like to start by saying a huge Thank You to some of my fellow MS bloggers.

As in my last post I mentioned I wanted to add some new shirts to my business and I was looking for ideas. A couple of my blogger friends asked if they could post my request on their sites. Wow ! Thanks Ladies. I really appreciate it.
So when y'all (Oh my god , the North Carolina girl came out in me again ) have a chance
please check out their sites.

The blogging world is alot different than I had ever imagined. It has all types. I have been fortunate to find some wonderful people behind the blogs that I would consider my friends.

I have also found a few skunks. Those bloggers who don't have a life, have nothing worthy to say and those who nobody wants to listen to.

It's no secret I have one out there who wants me off the blogging circuit. Well, it ain't gonna happen. So grow up and stop bad mouthing me. You look like the idiot you are.
I recently read a post from another blogger who I believe is probably being harassed by the same blogger I am.

I am grateful I have found the bloggers I have. This is a tough disease to deal with without having to deal with insecure bloggers who are basically jealous.
Personally, I am kind of proud this blogger is jealous of little ol me.

Well, I have a business to run and a blog to write. A zillion volunteer obligations, respect in my community, the face of MS in my county.
I just raised alot of money of NMSS, volunteered at the MS Walk, had a team for the MS Walk
oh and ethics.
Top that little insignificant blogger. I will try to step over you as I move my MS leg up onto the curb from your home in the gutter.
Get a life ! You can't have mine.



Lisa Emrich said...


How ironic, I just posted about your T-shirt/Creative input request myself. Timing is everything.

Also, me thinks I know of what blogger you speak. Last message I received from said blogger's wife was a doozy.

Basically, I am who I say I am and there's nothing to hide behind. Keep doing what you do and others will see the wonderful contributions you make.

Cathy said...

I added your blog to the bloggers who are posting my request or should I say plea. thanks a bunch