Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 15 minutes of fame..

Today I got my 15 minutes of fame as they say, however, I think it was more like 5 minutes of nerves.
Today I did the phone interview with a local radio station Sunny 97.7 to help promote our MS Walk here in town.
I was asked on Monday if I could set up a phone interview with a radio station some time this week. A little short notice but once again I pulled it off.

It was a nice short interview about my struggle with MS, the change in location for this year's walk, and what MS is.

I was honored to be asked to do however I was a nervous wreck. That in itself makes no sense to me because I have been giving speeches in my professional life for a long time and since I became a patient advocate for Tysabri I have been speaking all over the State of Wisconsin.
Whatever the reason, I was really feeling the nerves.

It went well and I am really glad it is over. Still have a lot to do for my business for the walk but just about everything else is done. Yeah !


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