Sunday, April 19, 2009

MS Walk a week away

Next Sunday is the MS Walk here in town. We still have alot to do

I am on the committee so I have still have a few things left to do, but of course, I don't have the info I need to get them done. I think I am going to wing it and do it myself.

I am also the team captain for our MS Walk team conincidentally named after our business.
Team is very excited about this opportunity. I have 14 team members. I think these people are so special that they would walk for me. They have all been so supportive of my decision to attempt to walk it next year.
You guys are the best support system a person could ever have.

This morning I realized that tomorrow is my Tysabri infusion. How could we both have forgotten that? I think we both have way too much going on.
Neither one of us could roll out of bed this morning. I had over 9 hours sleep. A couple cups of coffee and we were good to go.

Mark and I made a sign today for our team photo. Who knew he had so much talent.
I cut out the letters ( compliments of my cricut machine) and he arranged and glued them onto a board. With his straight edge in hand he went to work. Only an engineer could make a cheap sign look like a piece of art. Thanks honey !

We reviewed all of our travel documents for the upcoming cruise. They emailed them a couple of days ago but we didn't have a chance to review anything until today.
I know we are both excited. His mom is fixing a gown for me. It was a little short so I asked her to lengthen it. Now that I can't wear heels anymore I really want to hide my shoes. No, I am not going to wear my nikes.
I told Mark he can pick out my bikini wear. LOL ! I need a tan though. I wonder if you can mailorder a tan.

It's been one of those days to get caught up. Sleep! Work! Orders!(yeah) Playing with the dogs! Etc.
Have a good one everybody. It's gloomy and about to rain here. We might even see snow tomorrow. No, that was not a typo I did say Snow. That is starting to be one of those four letter words I don't want to hear.


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