Monday, April 6, 2009

A walk in the Mall

I just got back from my Mall Walk. I was excited about going for a walk but also dreading it.

I realized if I couldn't do one lap I would never be able to do the MS Walk in 2010 like I want to.
I finished one lap and was so pumped I wanted to do a second lap. But I figured maybe not overdue it.
Instead I choase to go shopping. I really don't like to shop but I never ever get the chance to shop alone anymore and I was feeling fiercly independent. So I went shopping.
The first store on my list was Victoria's Secret. I rarely get to go shopping for those kinds of things by myself so I seized the opportunity. And the reason I hate to shop is as a disabled person salespeople have a tendency to run for their lives.I'm not contagious, I have MS.
Anyway, the sales woman was soooooo nice. I couldn't believe it. She helped me so much and I ended up making a nice purchase. ( incase she works on commision or some other sales incentives)
As I was checking out, I couldn't find her and told the woman at the checkout I wanted to make sure she got credit for this sale because she was so helpful. As it turned out the woman checking me out was the manager.

I did see my sales woman as I was finished and thanked her for treating me with repsect. Not realizing who this other woman was at the time. So her manager heard everything I said in thanking her. Maybe she will get a raise.
Victoria's Secret was the only store that had people in it and they were actually quite busy. The economy doesn't seem to have put a damper on the intimate purchases.
I ran into my friend who works at the mall and hung with her til the Handi Van came for me. I think I did enough walking for today. I'll get caught up on reading everyone else's blog


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Libby said...

that store must make sure all their salespeople are well trained & respectful...& i'm pretty sure it's commission...their big center is 45 min south of me, in columbus!