Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yesterday was my 22 nd Tysabri infusion. When I showed up at the infusion center
I was not in the best of moods. My right leg was so weak and hurt so bad. I did manage to
stumble in with only my cane. I think the leg thing was most likely due to all the stress I have been going thru.
You know what stress does to MS. Things at my husbands employer are not going well.
The economy has hit so many industires so hard. He is a salaried employee and they are
"furloughing" them for 8 days. Could it be a better time with the holdiays coming?
I guess I should be grateful he has a job still. 8 days without pay will be a challenge.
It will definitely cut into our christmas shopping.

His family was so concerend they offered to help us if we needed. I really appreciate that.
It's just going to be tough couple of months.
The craziest thing about all this is that the company selected two weeks to do this furlough.
The only problem is Mark will be in Europe for one of the weeks. I wonder if he is
suppose to walk into the EU meeting and tell them he can't participate in the rule making because technically he is not getting paid. I wonder if he is suppose to answer his
cell phone during those 8 days without pay. Check his email.
Did anybody think this plan thru????????????
Boy, when the economy is better they plan for a mass exodus. I am starting to really regret Mark turning down this other offer.

So, any way I wasn't in a good mood when I arrived for my infusion but when I left I
was feeling better. Another woman I know, who has MS, was also getting her Tysabri so we talked. There was a third woman there whose son works at the same company my husband does and could relate to what I was venting about.

The staff at the hopsital always makes me feel special. No matter how stressed they are they always have a smile on their faces. Thanks. I really needed your smiles yesterday.

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