Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Cards

Today I ordered Christmas Cards online. We always do a fun "family"
picture of Mark and I and the "kids" (dogs). I made them last year and
they were so expensive and took so much time.
I realized this year that I just don't have the time to make them. Although
I really enjoyed doing it. With the business and my numerous volunteer activities
it just wasn't going to happen.
First, we had to decide on a theme for our fun picture. In the past we have done
a boat theme, the Packers and all kinds of crazy stuff. I think this year our theme
is perfect but I am not telling anyone what it is.
We took our picture last weekend. It came out okay. We have a special tribute to
Goldie (our little one who died in June). The dogs are so good about costumes but this
year they seem to be fidgeting a bit. I will post it online, hopefully, around Christmas.
I now have to write a recap of this year and boy, has it been a year.
Our mailing list keeps growing as our lives expand. Last year I think we sent 80
cards. Friends come and go so I will delete some and add others.
I am so excited I can't wait to see them. I can't believe it is already November.
Where did the year go?


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Anonymous said...

I wanted to give my friends and family cards that were personal this year and looked at personal greeting card websites such as moonpig and after customising the designs to make them relevant, I sent quite a few direct to them that are closest to me.