Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mark's home

Well Mark came home from Europe on Friday and I am on my last
load of laundry. Yippee ! Now, we both have to pack for our trip to
I used to travel on business and basically lived out of a suitcase but
now I get so confused as to what to bring and I always forget
Tuesday early early morning we are heading out for a driving trip to
Pittsburgh to visit Mark's mom. We are both excited. Usually we
always like long drives but since this MS thing showed up I am much
more leary of driving and the bathroom situation. I will just have to
plan ahead.
It's probably about a 10 hr drive, not counting bathroom breaks and
meals along the way. We will be packing snacks but if Mark is tired we
will have to stop for a real break. I can't help with any of the driving so
unfortunately he is on his own. I get to be the entertainment committee,
which includes a box of cookies and my pillow.

We should have a good time visiting mom. And hopefully I will have time
to still post. I'd love to hear about your Thanksgiving.


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