Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well we arrived in Pittsburgh. Alot later then we had planned.
Getting out of Milwaukee was bad with alot of traffic and the sun
just coming up so it created some problems with glare.
Of course, we expected to hit traffic in Chicago.
Once we hit Indiana the speed limit increased and we were
cruising right along. However, when we got to Ohio the weather
turned bad very quickly. We made a last minute decision to
have an early dinner. We weren't really hungry so we split
a sandwhich. Got our hot drinks and headed out.
We called mom to let her know where we were and a few miles
later everything stopped.
The highway(the Ohio turnpike) came to a screeching halt amidst
the snowy, windy, slushy roads. Trucks, in the wrong lane, came
to a stop alongside us.
We sat there for several minutes and then saw a wrecker trying
to make it down the shoulder of the road. A few mintues later
a second wrecker was on the shoulder.
Still we saw no accident, which meant the accident was a good
distance away.
After moving very slowly, if at all, for the next half hour, a police
car came up the inside emergeny lane and we new we were hosed.
We finally crept forward and saw the accident. A fuel truck
on top of a Lincoln. The Lincoln was horizontal against the back
wheels of the vertical fuel truck.
It was not a pretty site, except it appeared the drivers side was
fully intact and the door was even opened. This meant, hopefully,
that the driver walked away.
After we passed the accident we were back on our way.
A few hours behind schedule, and the snow started to let up.

We finally arrived after being in the car for 14 hours.


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Lisa Emrich said...

Hi Cathy,
I saw a mention of your blog at BrainCheese's blog. Welcome to the MS Blogger Club. I hope that you have an easier trip home.