Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where's the dog?

Ok, so this morning I lost the dog. Not literally, like he escaped down the street
but somewhere in the house.
Usually he is always and I do mean always under foot. He's parked under my feet
when I am on the computer. He is waiting in the bathroom for me when I step
out of the shower.
He has been so clingy lately, I accidentally ran over him with my walker yesterday.
So this morning I can't find him. He couldn't get outside because I had the child
gate up and we were all upstairs together.
I thought maybe he heard a noise and is hiding ( he is a rescue dog and does wierd
things from time to time). I searched all his favorite places, calling his name ( he's
old and I sometimes think he is losing his hearing) and still no dog.
So now, I am starting to panic. Where could he be? The other dog was close behind me
as if she thought she was helping with a search and rescue ( I am training her to be
a therapy dog).
I kept talking to myself, reassuring myself that I would find him and he was fine.

Completely frustrated I sat down on the bed. I heard a groan and recognized it was
Ripley. Ah ha, he was nearby. I heard the groan again and turned to find the dog
snuggled under the covers in my bed.
He looked at me as if to say : "what's wrong mom? I've been here all the time."
Grrrrrrr! I didn't know whether to hug him or scold him. Instead I decided
I would crawl in bed next to him. We watched TV for a bit and at least now I know
another hiding place. Of course the other dilemna, do I tell my husband the dog was
on his side of the bed or mine?

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