Monday, November 17, 2008

First Snowfall of the Season

It's Snowing ! It'snowing ! It's snowing !
Ok, so can you tell I love the snow. I just took the
dogs out and they stopped in their tracks as they were going
thru the doggie door. They looked at each other and you could
almost imagine them saying "what's this stuff? "
Then they both smiled and ran for the yard. Round and round they
went, chasing each other playfully. Noelle tried to catch the flakes
in her mouth until she couldn't see anymore. Ripley had the look
he wanted to roll in the grass. After a few minutes, they smiled
and came inside. I always dry them off and if I forget they will
stand next to the towel by the door. Just reminding me. They
weren't that wet, they just like it when I rub them with the towel.

It is very windy so the snow is going every direction. It is
also sticking to the road. It is only in the 20's so we might be in
for some accumulation. Problem is Mark is in Europe. I'm sure
my friend and neighbor will help me out. I'm not good with a snow
shovel. I do the backyard so the dogs can get thru. The big dogs
never really have a problem. My litte one who died recently always
was vertically challenged. Her legs were so short she could hardly
move some days. Noelle usually made a path for Goldie so she could
go to the bathroom under the tree. Her favorite spot.

It's sad to think of a winter without Goldie running around in the
yard. I think she enjoyed the snow the most, just like her mommy.


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