Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today I spent emailing many of the people I met at the NMSS
National conference last week in Chicago. I still have many more
people to go.
I also spent time working on our upcoming MS Walk. Although it is
in April there are so many things to put in place early. So, I had the
phone in one hand and was emailing at the same time. I know. How rude !
At least I can say I was multi tasking.
I also started to put together my personal page on the NMSS site for
my walk team. We have two people listed and I need to add a third. and
hopefully a fourth. Yeah !

I'm very excited about the walk this year. Although our committee has
shrunken in size. ( That's what happens when one person takes credit for
things they did NOT do) People like and need to feel appreciated.
I called those people who chose not to be a part of it this year and told them
how much I appreciate them. I do understand the time committment, especially
now with the business we started.

Anyway, I made some great calls and we'll see how things turn out.
I am interested in volunteering for the Bike event. I just need to see
if Mark will be in town.

I just started dinner. Baby Back Ribs and the house is starting to smell
so good. I like to start them early and let them cook for awhile. The only
problem is I get so hungry smelling them.

I finished up the arrangements for the Christmas Party for my support group
which I am the co-faciliatator for.

My to do list is getting smaller. Yeah !! Now I have to make bracelets for
the business, make the bed and keep tabs on those wonderful ribs. Too bad we don't
a smell button on computers !! Maybe Mark will make me a Cosmo with dinner.


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