Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Adopted" soldier coming home

I just got an email that my "adopted" soldier's unit is coming home. Yeah !

I joined a program several years ago where I can "adopt" a soldier stationed in Iraq.
Regardless of your views on the war, these men and women give up alot for our country.

When I first told my husband I wanted to "adopt" a soldier he was quite concerned.
This program match's single people with single people and married people with married
people. He had some concerns when I told him about the program. I remember him saying
"you are going to adopt a married man. " It was pretty safe, We both would have each other's
personal info but the soldier was in Iraq. Not exactly what I would call a threat.
Anyway, when I got the name of my first soldier, My husband was very silent. Her name
was Amber. She left a year old baby at home. Since then I have " adopted" about 12 soldiers. Last year it was troop rotation and I adopted an entire platoon for the holidays.

My committment is a letter once a week and a care package once a month. I could manage
that. I almost always have two soldiers at any given time. At some times, I had three.

I really enjoy this experience. I think it is something every American should do at least once.
It will change your life. They say not to expect to hear back from them because after all
they are there to do a job. I have heard from many of my soldiers and recieved many
letters back.
I usually write about the Packers, my dogs, where Mark is traveling to, my volunteer
stuff, etc. If I hear from them, they share their spouse's name, stuff about their kids ,etc.
They aren't suppose to share what they do or where they are at and I respect that.
My care packages are mostly food, depending on how hot it is there. If I hear from them,
I always ask if there is something in particular they are craving foodwise.
I have had soldiers wanting rice krispie treats, Hot Tamale candies, beef jerky and one
liked healthy stuff like trail mix and energy bars. Most wanted junk and most were
just so happy to get anything.
In the summer months, I send a box of sunglasses that they can share with other soldiers.
I hear they go thru many pairs of sunglasses from the sand.
So I will send an email off to this organization requesting another soldier. If anybody
wants the name of it you can email me for the info. My email is on my profile or you
can use the one on my website.


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