Thursday, November 20, 2008

MS Support Group

Yesterday was my multiple sclerosis support group meeting. We meet every month
over at the hospital. When I arrived, early as usual and intentially early, I found the room
set up like a classroom.
I let out a big groan knowing that I would have to rearrange the room by myself.
We like to meet with the tables arranged in a circle. So, I started rearranging chairs and
moving those heavy tables into the right position. There were two people already there
but unfortunately neither was in a positon to help me except cheer me on. They kept
encouraging me to sit down and I did a few times. I finally managed to get the
tables in a circle, more or less. One table was propped on top of another.

I'm sure I will hear complaints that I didn't leave the room the right way. It's okay
that the hospital didn't arrange the tables properly though. After all, The great and
powerful Cathy, who has MS, can lift and move the tables by herself, which I did.
I was so exhausted and completely out of breath. At least, I didn't have to work out
last night.
The meeting went well. We talked about nothing. Sometimes it is good to just
talk and have no real agenda. The cookies were good, as always.
The Handi Van driver had to walk me to my front door. I was so pooped.

Right now, I could use a nap. It's snowing a bit. Of course, they predicted dry weather.
It is really windy and it sounds like something keeps hitting the house.
My conference call for this afternoon got postponed so maybe I will go take a nap
with the dogs.
Have a good day. Stay warm. Maybe a nice cup of hot cocoa, maybe a shot of Bailey's?

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