Friday, October 31, 2008

Mark is on his way home from Europe. Technically is on a plane and probably sleeping.
It will certainly be nice to have him home again, even if only for a few days. I am not really sure when he leaves again. He puts his itinerary on the bulletin board in the kitchen so I at least know
where he is. It is too hard for me to remember where and when he is coming and going. The bulletin board system works well for me and my MS.

So, they finally finished the street this morning at 6:45 am. I figured out they were out there when the house began to shake. I know I'm not in California anymore and I don't think we moved to Kansas but the house began to shake. I thought I would start seeing munchkins popping up around the room telling me I had killed the wicked witch. Ok, so can you can tell The Wizard of Oz is a favorite movie of mine?
It was still dark out at that hour so I am surprised they could see anything. Now they just have to landscape and that might not be until spring.

I had lunch with my friend on Wednesday. That is always nice to catch up in person. We email each other or talk on the phone but in person is always better. I am so grateful for having people like her in my life. People who are my friend with no ulterior motive. She is a special person.
Thanks Barb for being my friend.

I guess I have to get into work mode. Have some orders to pack up and I am sending the leftover Halloween Candy to my "adopted" soldiers in Iraq. I think I have had enough Three Musketeers. I used to call my dogs theThreeMusketeers but now there are only two. Maybe I will call us the The MS Keteers !! Have a good day everybody. Happy Halloween !

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