Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MS Walk Meeting

Last night was suppose to be our second MSWalk (National Multiple
Sclerosis Society event) meeting.
I got a phone call mid day from our NMSS rep who is in charge
of this event that her husband had lost his job. I didn't even know
what to say. 22 years with the same company. Her hubby, like mine,
is in a business that has been really hit hard by the economy.

I asked her if she wanted to cancel the meeting. She was trying to
call someone to make arrangements for me to get there. In the midst
of all she had going on she was worried about me.
I told her I would make the call and get the meeting cancelled, which
is what I did. I'm not sure we would have gotten anything done without
her being at the helm.

She is a very strong person and I'm sure they will be okay. They might
need help from family with the finances and I hope they come thru if
called on. I know she is very organized and could probably cut her families
budget in a pinch. She is very creative. My concern is Christmas for the
Trust me, Mark and I have been living on a very tight budget since our
North Carolina nightmare. We just started to get out from under it and it
has been 5 years. I can stretch a buck and make healthy wonderful meals
for very little money. We rarely eat out anymore ( mostly because we do eat
healthy and that is hard to find anymore ) Christmas for us this year has virtually
been cancelled. We chose to spend the money on our traditional holdiay card
instead of each other. I am dissapointed we won't be going skiing this season.
We'll make it work. He still has a job.

I know there are alot of people out there struggling. If you would like to share,
please post a comment( you can be anonymous) or email me.

I started the morning with a call from somebody in my MS Support group, which
I co-facilitate, needing some info. An hour later I was still on the phone. She is
one of those rare people who would do the same for me so I don't mind spending the
time with her.

Have a good day everybody ! Stay out of the cold ! brrrr!!! Today is my MS Support
Group meeting so I have to go out in it.


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