Monday, September 28, 2009

the morning after

Mark arrived home last night about 10:30. The dogs were so excited when they greeted him at the door.

I kept telling them I had a surprise for them. Ripley was so sleepy he could less until he saw Mark walk in the door. He turned into a 6 month old puppy (He's about 11 years old), wagging his tail and jumping on Mark.
Noelle immediately knew surprise meant dad was coming home so she perched herself next to the front door. Who says dogs aren't smart?

Anyway, I have mounds of the stinkiest laundry I have ever dealt with. Does anybody have one of those face masks? Whew !
Mark is so glad to be home. The man has a cast iron stomach and all I heard about was how awful the food was. He was thrilled to find a Tony Romo's and could at least recognize the food.

I will make him a great healthy dinner tonight and by tomorrow he will be okay.

By the time he finished unpacking it was close to midnight and the true trooper he is he was at work first thing in the morning. Don't think I could have or would have done that. Something about he had a meeting. Good giref, he just came back from China.

So I have my work cut out for me today. I figure the faster I get the laundry done the better the house will smell. eeek !

Have a great day everybody.


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