Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day holiday.

It is perfect boating weather. The temps are nice for us MS er's, the wind is virtually non existent.
So I have the keys to the boat and no captain. Oh well. I have alot to do anyway.

I thought this was a legal holiday but the orders just keep coming in. Not a complaint at all.

So I'll be working this Labor Day to pump this stuff out the door.
After I'm finished I think the dogs and I will go sit on the back porch.

Hopefully my crazy guest from yesterday won't return. My neighbors are all returning home so I feel better knowing I have back up ( just in case)

I have often joked about having a weirdo magnet but now I am convinced of it.

I have been practicing my speech for Thursday. I rewrote a few things and my voice is cracking everytime I get to one line. It is emotional but maybe too emotional for me to give in public.
I'll practice it more and then make a decision whether I should change it.

Have a great day everybody. And thanks for all the emails, phone calls about this weekends
disruption. I'm sorry if you couldn't understand me thru my tears but I do feel better and Im not going to let this weirdo scare me anymore than he already has.


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