Thursday, October 1, 2009

3rd Qtr Taxes Grrr

Have been working on 3rd Qtr taxes all morning. My mind feels like it is going to explode.

Too many numbers. I guess that is a good thing but I am exhausted.

Made Mark lunch for an short break and I am going to back the taxes shortly.

The dogs both are going to the vet tonight. Ripley is due for his regular shots. And I would like them to figure out if Noelle has another bladder infection.
They both need their nails trimmed so maybe they can do that for me. Two dogs with nails in a home with all wood floors is getting on my nerves.
I also had to order a bag of food for Noelle. That dog goes thru so much food. Just kidding. She is on a diet. LOL
I figure I will leave a chunk of change at the vet tonight with all the stuff they need.
I still think the least they could have done was name a wing of their new building after us.

I went to my personal trainer yesterday and all my limbs are intact. No falls. Good session.

Gotta go crunch some numbers. Did I really want to be accountant at one time? Sheesh!

Have a great day everybody


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