Friday, September 25, 2009

my arm is NOT broken

Been a rough couple of days. Thanks to all my Facebook friends who gave me such good advice about whether my arm was broken or not.

On Wedesday I fell while at the gym. I had just finished an exercise and was sitting on a piece of equipment resting before going onto the next exercise. I was chatting with my personal trainer when the room started to spin.
I put my left hand down to steady myself only to realize that their was nothing next to me to put the arm on.
I remember hearing my personal trainer ask if I was okay, reaching out to grab me. By then I was somersaulting thru the air ( or at least thats how it felt) bouncing off equipment like I was stuck in a pinball machine. I landed wedged in a machine, rear first .

When I fall I am like a 300lb dead weight. I don't know how my trainer lifted me out of that awkward position. I'm 5-11 and she is probably 5-5. Both of us are thin and obviously she is a very strong woman.
We laughed about it and I felt okay but later that day my arm felt terrible.
Covered in bruises from my shoulder to my fingers I was in so much pain. I liked my MS better when my limbs were numb and I couldn't feel anything. now the slightest bump and I'm overwhelmed with pain. Remember I'm the one who drives my doctors crazy when they
ask " on a scale of 1 to 10 what is your pain level?" I always have to say 1 (just to shut them up ) because I have the highest pain tolerance of anybody I know.

I got off the computer yesterday, took advil, packed my arm in ice, elevated it on a cushy pillow and slept all afternoon.
My friend came over last night ( the RN who has a background in orthopedics) she said she would take me to the ER but she has also said "I can tell a break from a mile away" so I tested her. She did all kinds of stuff to my arm and we both decided it wasn't broken just bruised and sore ( probably from the workout as well as the fall)
This morning it is hardly hurting, the bruising is much less and I can actually type without saying one of those four letter words I love. LOL
I am glad this happenend when Mark was out of town. I can only imagine if we had to go to the ER. He would have been arrested.
So no lifting weights for me today. I am wearing my wrist brace to remind me it is tender.

Sheesh I have a stack of work to do and I'm not pushing it. I think us MS ers will understand.

Thank you all for your diagnosis yesterday. Some were very funy. Some were kind of scary. I feel better. Having never broken a bone before(OMG I probably just jinxed myself) I really didn't know what to look for it.

Have a great day everybody.


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