Tuesday, September 1, 2009

personal trainer

Just came home from my first session with my personal trainer.

It went well. I think I am going to learn alot working with her.

I left feeling a little deflated. I think my body is in the worst shape it has ever been.

I do believe I can get better but we have alot of work to do. We'll probablt start slow but a step forward is all I need. If I take one step forward every day I'll bewalking miles in no time.

The stress we are going thru is not helping my MS any in fact it is really tipping the scales in the over the top catagory.

I need this whole union stuff to stop. Just tell me what time the movers will be here and let's move on people.

They voted no. It's time to put the past behind you and live with the consequences.

I think I'll get on my exercise bike now. I'm feeling energized. I think I can. I think I can.

And maybe I'll practice my speech on the bike.

Have a great day everybody.


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1 comment:

Libby said...

cathy, i had my 3rd infusion yesterday. i feel like sh1t today, but i hope that's just the side effect of having an iv...fingers crossed!