Sunday, September 13, 2009

Da Bears come to Lambeau

Tonight is the season opener for the Packers and they a re playing Da Bears.

It is probably the biggest rival in NFL so it should be a good game.
It is at Lambeau Field ( Green Bay) but Illinois is just across the border
so there will be alot of Bears fans.

We are going out on the boat this morning with some friends. Boating season
has really sucked this year. Between the rain and the wind the season has
really been dissapointing.
I heard the weeks we were in Europe the weather was beautfiul for boating. It figures.

We also need to run by Target. I want to buy an inexpenisve watch that will show two
time zones on it for when Mark goes to Shanghai. It is confusing enough to figure out
when we ca ntalk to each other when he is in Europe but Shanghai is a whole different story.

One of us, probably me, will have to be up at 2 in the morning to talk to the other one.
It is a good thing I don't have much going on during that time.

Have a great day everybody. Go Pack !


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