Monday, September 21, 2009

the parts of the puzzle

The past few weeks I have been trying to find all the props we need for our annual holiday picture.

As some of you may know, we always do a "goofy picture" with the dogs with some theme. One year it was the Packers, one was nautical. We all have outfits, including the dogs.

I realized I ordered 5 of one product and it has me really sad and somewhat confused.
Am I not over Goldie's death or do I subconsciously want another dog?
My husband says I am making too much of it but it has me confused and upset.

Am I having cognitive problems or am I just trying to do to many things at once.

While I miss my Goldie Bear alot I was shocked when I ordered an outfit to fit her.

The pictures this year will be adorable and I can't wait to take them.
I know,we are nuts, but these are our kids and I like the " family " photo.

I'll post it after we take it. And no guessing???
The picture is of Goldie ( the black one, she was Gold when we named her) and Noelle as a puppy, almost 6 years ago.

Have a great day everybody


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