Thursday, September 17, 2009

what a workout

Yesterday I met with my personal trainer.

The night before I was watching The Biggest Loser wth my husband and I was complaining I do so much exercise and yet still I walk like crap.
I was really frustrated going into my seesion with my trainer yesterday. It felt like it was going to rain ( and my body tightens up in the rain)
However when I left I was excited and feeling on top of the world.
I was so amazed what my body did and most importantly how it felt.
I am convinced more than ever I can walk better sometime in the near future.
I know this will take alot of hard work but I am so determined to do the MS Walk next year.

For the first time in so very long my lower back was not hurting when I went to bed last night. In fact, my legs and hips felt relaxed and natural.
Wow what a day. I'm feeling sparkly today.

Just got off the exercise bike, already have laundry started and now I get to share it with you on my blog.

Have a great day everybody. :-)


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Jen said...

Glad you're feeling great!

Joan said...

Wow! That's great, congratulations. Can you do my laundry since you are feeling so good? LOL!

Cathy said...

Nice try Joan ! LOL

Libby said...

sparkly is a great way to feel!!