Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today was my 33rd infusion. yippee !

Uusally I go in on Monday but because it was a holiday I went in today.
My usual nurses weren't there but I got to see nurses I haven't seen in a while so it
was fun catching up.
That's the fun of living in a small town, everybody knows everybody.

I was in the community room today and I got to meet some new people.
One of the regulars showed up so we just yakked. I ordered a cup of hot tea (because
it was so cold in there) and a bran muffin. They make wonderful bran muffins.

My friend took me there this morning and then picked me up afterwards.
We have already recieved the mail so I am thinking a nap sounds wonderful.

As we know sleep hasn't been good lately.


tell a friend !


Libby said...

well, cathy, i had my 3rd last week, & i felt worse when that was over...i'm still hoping i feel better soon!

Cathy said...

Are they pretreating you with any meds? You should talk to your neuro about that. I take an advil 1/2 hour prior to treatment, always have.

Lauren said...

Ask your Neuro about a dose of Benadryl. I have had 18 infusions and the Benadryl helps me to relax and I usually sleep through the infusion. Just a suggestion...