Friday, September 4, 2009

last of the summer hours

Today is the last day Mark will work half days on Friday but that also means he will be getting home at at better hour for dinner.

We are going grocery shopping this afternoon, run a few other errands.
I have had alot of orders this week so I know we have a post office run.

I asked to have takeout tonight so I don't have to cook. We are going to pick up ribs at a place near our home. Yum ! They are noway close to the ribs Mark makes but it means I don't have to cook.

After the cable tv and phone problem the other day I am really behind on everything around the house. Plus I had a bunch of orders to get out and that takes priority.

So ribs it is for dinner and I should have some leftovers for tomorrow.

The dogs are so tired today. All I hear is snoring from the other room. Even when I was on my exercise bike Noelle just laid there and slept.
Too funny ! My singing didn't even wake her.

The second revote or the third vote ( however you want to think about it) is going on today.
It was also held yesterday and from what I understand alot of intimidation inside the union lodge is going on.
I'm not getting a good feeling about this. I feel bad for the union members who are scared into voting the wrong way.
I have to believe it will be a secret ballot this time.
Last time the members were given a red card or a green card depending on whether you were voting yes or no. Bubba handed out the cards.
They were all afraid to ask for the green card to vote yes. Can we all say organized crime?

There was alot of intimidation going on at the plant also.

There was a funny rumor floating around yesterday that a naked union member was running around town wearing nothing but a sign. LOL I laughed so hard.

Let's hope it was one of them with a good body or a big sign .

Have a great day everybody ! We should get the results of the union vote this evening. Thanks for all your support during this tough time.


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Libby said...

crap, cathy, you are so strong to handle this! mark's lucky, as i'm sure he knows...

Cathy said...

thanks Libby. How ya feeling? Last I read you weren't feeling that great? I've been so sidetracked lately sorry