Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what a wonderful start of my day

This morning started off very nice. Had a great nights sleep, somewhere in the 9 hour range.

Mark called from Shanghai on schedule. This is a different time zone then we are used to. He is 13 hours ahead. He bought me a watch that has dual time zones on it and the $25 bucks we spent on it has already proven useful.

Then I went upstairs to shower. Water running, buck naked and the phone rings. Mark installed a phone in the bathroom for me because I had such a problem with falling.
It was his mother, who usually calls me every night Mark is gone but I didn't hear from her last night so I got worried. She is fine, just forgot. She's also 80 years old.
We had a nice chat as we always do.

Took a nice long shower. I usually don't take long showers but today it seemed like a pamper day so did.

After that I gave myself a facial. Wow ! that felt wonderful and my pores are thanking me.

After that I gave myself a pedicure and polished my toe nails. Bright red.

I got dressed, played with the doggies and didn't sign onto the computer til well after 10 am.

The only thing missing, besides Mark being on the same continent was a tiara.

Every once in a while you have to treat yourself extra special. It felt good to do and I have NO guilt.

I might even curl up on the couch with my new book. Oh yeah, I run a business, probably won't happen. LOL

Have a great day everybody. It's raining cats and dogs out here.


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