Friday, August 21, 2009

You can cut the stress with a knife here

I didn't sleep very well last night. Can't imagine I have alot on my mind???

No decision has been made. Everything is resting on 850 union members to do the right thing and say yes to the proposed contract changes.
Sad that just a few people have that power and even sadder I am afraid they will use it to
and say no.
We have all had to make sacrafices during this economic challenges. We didn't buy a house beyond our means. I still use coupons and every penny that comes into this house is accounted for.
I can stretch a buck so far. I should write a book.

There is alot of community support and a rally scheduled for Sunday morning. It breaks my heart that this little town could go belly up because of this.

Lisa, there other location is in Stillwater. Not sure where in the state it is.

At least Oklahoma has great college football !! And of course, I know the lyrics to every song from the musical. hehe !

I've been to Oklahoma just once when we were driving thru. It was raining so hard and I had my little dog, my cockapoo ( this was a long time ago) who had to go to the bathroom. I turned and looked behind us and there was a tornado. eeek !
Needless to say we floored it.

Everybody please send some positive vibes my way. That this whole nightmare ends the right way.

I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. and yes, Diane I agree. I have had some dark times and from it came wonderful times.

So only a few more days and this will over or not.

Have a great day everybody. It's raining again and it's not helping my mood.
Off to the grocery store. I think I'll treat myself to sushi !
Do they sell sushi in Oklahoma?


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Lisa Emrich said...

Ah, Stillwater, home of Oklahoma State University, The Cowboys. That other college team.

I'm a Boomer Sooner all the way. University of Oklahoma in Norman is my alma mater.

But those Cow Pokes are ok, I suppose, since the Head Football coach graduated with me in high school. Mike Gundy.

Picture OKC and Tulsa, then pick a space somewheres to the left and above to draw a triangle. That's where Stillwater is.

You won't be close to the great Texhoma Lake (which is huge btw), but you will be close to some other lakes in Oklahoma. If you like bass fishing, I could probably get some recommendations for you.