Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wisconsin in the news

If for some reason you haven't heard about Wisconsin in the news this week well
let me fill you in.

It seems there were several women dating the same guy, who was also married with kids,
and they all found out about each other.
Well they were determined to teach this guy a lesson so they lured to him a hotel and tied him
to the bed. They then tormented him verbally but it got worse when they super glued
his private parts to his leg. Ouch !
Now I know all the men reading this just let out a huge groan but rest assured
the man is okay.
This hotel and this event are quite close to where I live. In fact we drove by the htoel the other day.
Ok, ladies I know each and every one of us has had at least one guy in our lives we
would like to teach a lesson or two too but this is not the answer.
My guy would be the one I was dating prior to my wonderful husband Mark.
It seems this guy "forgot" to tell me he was married and his wife was 8 months pregnant.
But I strongly believe everything in life happens for a reason and as it turns out I met Mark the night I went drinking after finding out about this guys "forgetfull memory problem".
It a good thing Mark gave me his business card. I had alot to drink that night. LOL

Good giref what will it be next?

Have a great day everybody and don't cheat on your spouse guys !


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Libby said...

i'd do the same thing...*with uproarious laughter*!