Monday, August 10, 2009


I just got back from my Tysabri infusion. # whatever I stopped keeping track.

It's working so who really cares what number infusion it is. It's in the 30's.

We had to change my time for today so everything is a little disoriented. I got real hungry during it so I ordered some food to tide me over til I got home.
A couple of very nice ladies joined me in the community room.
After they unplugged me from the IV I had to use the restroom. Imagine that, a person with MS, having all that fluids pumped into me and I had to use the restroom.

So I headed out to the restroom. This morning I chose to just use my cane instead of my walker.
I am half way to the restroom when I hear an ignorant old man say " she is too young to be walking with a cane".
Ok, so if you don't already know I am really self conscious about the way I walk. And although I was really proud of myself for just doing the cane this morning I didn't need to hear someone making fun of the way I walk.
Ok, you ignorant SOB. This is what I really wanted to say to you. FU FU FU . How dare you make a comment about something like that. HOW DARE YOU you ingorant old man.

There I said it, I feel much better. Thanks to the other ladies in the community room for reminding me of his ignorance and supporting my walking efforts and Thank you to Annette, my nurse, who gave me a hug. I think she could tell I was doing everything I could to fight back the tears.

I'm going to let it roll off my shoulders and get on with my day. At least the dogs won't care that I walk "funny"

Have a great day everybody !


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Lisa Emrich said...


Walking with the cane sounds awesome. You go girl! Keep up the good work. Who cares what some old foagy said.

liz said...

I know just how you feel! Someone left a note on my windshield that I should save handicap spots for the truly handicap. I had my daughter's car that day which doesn't have all my MS crap! (license plate. Magnet etc...) I wish they would have the courage to say it to my face so I can tell them to try and walk 24 hours in my shoes!

Libby said...

oh, cathy, that sucks he is so ignorant, and you know that after you get over the hurt, you'll feel sorry for the sad, pathetic man...

Erin said...


I'm on Tysabri, too, although I know I'm on infusion #8 since I just started it this year! I'm so sorry about the old man----personally, I probably would have hit him with the cane. I'm glad you were able to keep it under control!

Lauren said...

Congratulations Cathy! I too am on Tysabri and just completed my 37th infusion last week. And even though I'm still in a wheelchair, my Quality-Of-Life is greatly improved.

About the ignorant old man, I would not even give him the time of day as attitudes like his are only negative and waste what precious positive energy I/we have. Soooooo not worth it!

Kudos to you dearheart..., keep on keeping on!

All my best to you - Lauren :)

Cathy said...

Thank you everybody for your kind words. Although I consider myself a fiercly independent and strong woman sometimes a little thing like a stupid comment from an ignorant old fool will bring my emotons to a head. It's not like we are already emotional wrecks with this disease, the drugs, etc.