Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inside a pressure cooker

It feels like living in a pressure cooker out here. The tension is so thick I am not sure a knife
could make it through.
It is definately getting to me. I had major meltdown today. Not one thing in particular
I am just tired of it all. The union. The company. Are we moving? Are we staying?

Do I really want to live in an area where 850 union people are pissed off and unemployed.

What is that going to do my property values?

I guess you can say I'm really having a hard time dealing with all of this.

I feel like we are getting ( oh wait I can't say that online). I feel like we are
getting screwed.
I really don't want to move again but I really don't want to live in a town that is on the
brink of going under.

I'm so cunfused and i'm so upset. This whole thing is stressing me out.
And yes, I hit the ice cream today.
Tomorrow I am meeting with a personal trainer to be. I am consider hiring one but now
everything is so unsteady I'm not sure I want to spend any money.
Mark is going with me. I am glad because I tend to trust people more than I should and he
will be able to tell if we are going to connect.
I think a personal trainer is someone you really have to bond with, especially when
you throw MS into the picture.

Thanks for letting me vent. Thank s for all the supportive posts, emails and calls. My
phone has been ringing off the hook.

Have a great day everybody.



Diane said...

That is quite a pressure cooker! I don't know how you are holding it together so well. I'd be a mess.

A personal trainer that sounds like a fabulous idea! I am sure it will go well. Best of Luck and keep us posted!

Libby said...

the union people have nobody to blame but themselves...grrrrr...

Cathy said...

If you read my post on facebook I am NOT holding it together at all. I had a complete melt down yesterday. My husband was on the recieving end. By the end of the night I was hating life.