Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not in the mood

Thank you everybody for your emails and kind words.

Yesterday I didn't really feel much like doing anything. I did however get my hair done.
Always a great way to relax. My friend who does my hair, was a little stressed out yesterday so we could unload on each other.

Her husband works at the same place as my husband and while our circumstances are different the stress level is the same.
I have naturally curly hair that she blow dries straight. Except yesterday she started to curl it after straightening it. too funny. I asked her if it relaxed her to di it and she said yes. So I came home with a head full of curls. Kinda like shirley temple. It looked adorable if I do say so myself.

Too bad Mark wasn't home to enjoy it. The curls lasted til today which was great because I went to visit my old support group.

Got to catch up with a few people which was nice. The one who cvalled me today and offered me a ride wasn't there so I'll have to call and check on her later.

I had the opportunity to share with the group my new role as MSF Ambassador.

It feels like it is going to rain so my legs are heavy. Hopefully it won't come at 2:00 am with thunder. Ya know my rescue dog hates thunder.

I think I'll write some later. sometimes it helps me think on paper or maybe I'll watch a movie

Have a great day everybody


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