Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let sleeping dogs lie

I'm sitting here in the office trying to get caught up on the mountain of paperwork to be done when you own a business.

I have a mound of stuff that will take about 15 minutes each but it seems I finish a pile and a new one forms.
I could get really stressed but I look over in the corner and there is my beautiful Ripley, snoring and breathing so softly.
I want to lay down beside him and close my eyes.

Hug your dogs every chance you get. You can never hug them often enough.

For my friend Marianne, My heart goes out to you. I wish I could be there for you.
Grieving for a dog is difficult, but grieving for 4 is beyond comprehension. I know
you house is sheltie less now but you gave these rescue guys the best possible life and I for one am glad to call you my friend. Love ya !

Have a great day everybody.

Cathy ( dog mom)

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