Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wisconsin news update

I was watching the Today show this morning when they gave an update on
this love triangle gone wrong here in Wisconsin.
I guess the guy who is "victim" is now in jail in our town.
He is accused of not paying child support, of abusing a child, abusing his spouse, theft ( of his wife's father's urn) f abusing his wife, making harassing hpone calls .good giref!
I think this area is full of nuts and weirdo's.

When Mark and I saw a picture of the guy who was the "victim" we both
looked at each other in amazement. As a women I guess I figured the guy several
women were fighting over would be dropdead gorgeous. And then I remembered
where we live. We don't grow them gorgous out here or even in good shape.

You can pick out the transplants like us from the locals a mile away.
I don't think I'll ever fit in here. Maybe we should move to Oklahoma.

It is sad that our town will be forever known for this demented group of

Have a great day everybody. It should be a beautiful one here.


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