Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Very sad day here in town

Yesterday the Union leaders didn't accept the proposal made by the company my husband works for.

These Union guys are idiots. Do they really think the company is going to keep the factory here in town now?
2000 jobs lost because of a few idiots, who by the way have a job in another state.

2000 lost jobs in this town will make Detroit look like a boom town. This town will go under.

They estimates 3000 homes will go into foreclosure as a result of the trickle down to other businesses.

The proposal will go to the Union members on Sunday and they can vote to override their union leaders, who aren't looking out for anybody but themselves.

This is a very sad day here in town. I had to choose my words very carefully writing this today.

First, because my husband is one of the "salaried" guys getting all the flack from the union guys.
Secondly, I am so pissed at the union that the only thing that wants to come out of my mouth are four letter words.
Unemployment in this area is close to 11 % already. A lower paying job is better than no job.
How hard is that to figure out.

I hope the union members do the right thing on Sunday. If you are local and reading this, help spread the word. Doomsday hits Sunday. Monday I'll be packing for Oklahoma ( because my husband will still have a job). Which by the way sounds like a great place to live. The union guys will be looking at the pink piece of paper in their hands and wishing they had made the right decision. Wondering how long they can survive on unemployment. i'll send you a postcard when we get settled in !!

I can't live amongst so many idiots.

Have a great Day everybody !



Libby said...

cathy...i have to agree with your feelings regarding unions..worked where they have them & where they dont...i trust my own negotiations with management regarding my job...i dont need somebody else to do it for me!

Joan said...

Hi Cathy, I'll be thinking about you!

Herrad said...

Came by to say hello and wish you well.
Hope you are having a good day.