Monday, August 3, 2009


I finally received my copy of MSFocus in the mail today. It's not that it was late but I was incredibly anxious to see it.
The article announcing the MSF Ambassadors was in it so it was fun to see it in print.
I did proof it and my name is spelled correctly ( inside joke, nobody ever spells my name correctly)
In addition to the announcement I am now an Ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation my ad for my business also came out today.
In my platform for the Ambassador I reminded people to not go thru this journey of MS alone. I encouraged them to look me up on facebook (and I do mean that) so I have been friended like crazy this week.
I know first hand what it is like to go thru this alone without my family. My husband, his family and the strong friends I have all stood by me. The wimps all ran for the hills.
The biggest dissapointment was obviously my parents. How do you give birth to someone and walk away from them.
I am not a parent to anything but my adorable pups but that doesn't make sense to me.

I have come to terms with it over the years that it is their loss. I am one hell of a great person. Fun and happy and positive. A bit nuts, a bit OCD. I have a real serious side and a "I can't stop giggling side" but I am a human being with living DNA parents who want nothing to do with me and my MS.
To them I say BITE ME. DNA does not make a family. I have plenty of friends who offer me the nurturing I need. My husband and of course, his mom, who I would not have made it this far without.
Thanks mom, I love you so much !

My ad also came out today. Orders ( a good thing), catalog requests, info calls. Just had to plug in my cell because the battery was low.

Mark called earlier from work. All the news stations are hovering at this company. If you are not familiar with what is going on the company he works for is threatening to move the operations to Oklahoma. A non union shop, etc. It's been more than a little stressful here in town. They are the biggest employer here.
Personally, I am okay with the OK state. Don't get me started I'll burst into all the songs from the musical Oklahoma. It's selling my house that concerns me. It's also coordinating my Tysabri infusion so I don't miss a dose. I am extremely organized person so I think I can pull it off. Moving the business would be easy as well.

Oh, one more thing. I was also in this month's issue of New Mobility. You can read the article Written by my friend Jen ( thanks a bunch) it talks about my Tysabri advocacy.
My sister in law suggested I get a publicist to handle all this publicity. LOL
Autographs are free, however donations will be accepted and donated to MSF.

Have a great sunny Vitamin D filled day !


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Jen said...

You're awesome, Cathy. I have a lot of admiration for you. I need to suscribe to MS Focus to learn more about what is going on there. An MS Ambassador! Cool!

I like that you said "BITE ME...." :)