Monday, August 24, 2009

Ready, set,,go

I'm ready to face the day. Just got off my exercise bike and I feel good.

It's gonna be a stressful one so I'll be turning to bike to help me unwind.

Got a phone call last as I was crawling in bed from a collector looking for my brother.
Did my whole family put my name down on applications and not pay for anything?

I am tired of people calling me. Try paying my bills for a month. I live on social Security ! Everything is on time,every month. always has been, always will be.

Folks, stop calling me I'm not going to pay their bills too.

Have a great day everybody. Although the sun is shining the people in town are making it rain
with all the tears. Very Sad place to be


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Libby said...

oh, cathy, i'm so sorry! this is why i think unions basically suck...they advertise themselves as being the only way to fairness in a fair was this for everybody? if not for the union, there would still be a company & jobs...