Monday, August 10, 2009

Block party

This morning we woke up to find a flyer about an impromtu neighborhood block party for tonight.

I was at the hospital half the day for my Tysabri infusion and had nothing in the house to throw together so I asked Mark to pick up cupcakes from the grocery store.

We headed out to their house ( I walked the whole way there with just my cane yipee yippee yipee )
We figured they wouldn't get much of a turnout because it was so last minute but many people showed up.
It touched my heart ,especially after the ignorant man I ran into this morning that so many people commented on me walking around the block with my walker. Cheering me on !
I heard you go girl alot.
We met so many people, you know the ones you usually just wave to.
We have such a wonderful mix of people in this neighborhood.
After the flood last year we all jumped in and helped each other and we didn't even know each others names.
Now we do.

Many of us are now unemployed so I think this was the doctor ordered.

I'm shopping for a personal trainer so if you live in Wisconsin and want to be a part of my success story, please contact me. I have one lined up to meet in two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that we are a good match and she gets the MS thing.

Have a great day everybody !


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