Sunday, August 16, 2009

Packers won !!!

Last night was the first preseason game for the Packers.
It was against the Cleveland Browns and it is the time the coaches give all the players a chance to show their stuff.

Lots of players really stepped up and some well really didn't. I'm not the coach and I don't play one on TV but some of these guys on both teams stunk.

Of course the stars were my fav # 80 Donald Driver. And of course, Aaron Rodgers.
For those of you who don't know it I have the hots for Driver. I guess I have this thing for bald men. LOL He has the greatest smile and his backside is pretty fine too. He just seems to be a great guy. His wife is beautiful and their kids are adorable. A truly great role model !

Don't get me started on Favre and his whining. Personally I have never been a fan of his and after all the crap he pulled with so many teams it is really hard to like the man.

One player really showed his stuff last night. Desmond Bishop will be a rising star on the Packers. Please keep him.

I posted a picture that we used as our holiday card in 2007. We always do a theme card and we decided to do the Packers theme. This picture was taken 2 days after surgery on Thanksgiving Day. I could hardly sit I was in sooo much pain.
This is a special picture for me because it was the last holiday picture with Goldie before she died.

The dogs and I used to play a game of friendly football in the house on cold days. The big dogs vs. Goldie and me.
Goldie & I always had the advantage because Goldie's role was the football and when I carried her across the room tucked in my arms we always scored a touchdown. !!!
Oh memories ! Goldie was truly the team player and watching the Packers will never be the same without her.
Have a great day everybody

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