Monday, February 2, 2009

So the Steelers did it !

Dad would be so happy that his beloved Steelers won the Super Bowl.

It was kind of an emotional day watching the Super Bowl. Mark and I couldn't help but think of
Dad the entire day.
When he was alive, he had season tickets and knew the stats on every player.

It was a wild ride yesterday but I am glad they pulled it off. Dad was probably laughing
his ass off when they scored that last touchdown followed by the "I told you so's".

We miss you Dad and think of you often.


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Libby said...


Cathy said...

We were very excited when they pulled it off !

Now maybe the Packers can have a good season !

Libby said...

i like the packers too! but the steelers are #1...

Cathy said...

It's hard to live in Wisconsin and not be a Packers fan although I havea few friends who are Bears fans. Now that's gutsy !