Thursday, February 12, 2009

MSF Cruise

I am on the MSF Cruise this week and having a great time.

Meeting alot of postive people with MS ( What a concept) and of course
meeting some whiners.
There have been a alot of great seminars and events. Getting alot of
exercise walking from one end of the ship to another.
I lost my purse the first day and it was returned untouched. Wow !
I have renewed faith in humanity.
I just met a couple that was from the same town in Pennsylvania my cousin
is from. What a small world ! I was adiring her purse she just bought in
town and she came back to me so she could give it to me. I almost cried.
Random acts of kindness is what her husband said. I was blown away and
am fighting back tears as I write this. So THANK YOU Kim and Lou.

I will try to blog again but there are no guarantees. If you left me a message
on my phone, I can't get a signal very well and will call you back when I'm back
in the snow of Wisconsin. Sorry for the delay.

Have a great day Everybody. Time to have a fruity drink with an umbrella !!



Libby said...

that sounds great, cathy! i'm so happy you're somewhere nice!!

herrad said...

Have fun.