Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MSF Cruise for a Cause Bracelet

I was very fortunate to be able to design a commemorative bracelet for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Cruise for a Cause I went on last week to the Caribbean.

I sent 250 order forms to their office around December so they could be put in the gift bags we all received. During the cruise I wore the bracelet and people kept stopping me to admire it and try it on.
I offered two different sizes with two different clasps.
It really is a pretty bracelet and perfect colors for a cruise. During the final days of the cruise many people gave me the completed order forms. So since I got back I have been making
bracelets. I premade them to a point without the clasps.
The fingers hurt so bad yesterday I should have just sat on the floor because that's where the beads ended up when I dropped the almost finshed project which meant I got to start from scratch.
So to anybody who ordered one, please be a little patient while my MS hands and fingers are working better. Yesterday I could hardly type to enter the orders in my system.
I am feeling better than yesterday so tomorrow can only be better than today. right?

To Susan, who called me while I was on the cruise. You gave me the wrong phone# ( which you caught) but when you called back you didn't leave the right one. My call log didn't work out of the country so please call me back.

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