Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I miss the Sun

It is snowing again here in Wisconsin ( so what else is new). It was so nice here during the day and then all of sudden the storm came in. Because it was nice the temps were up to 40 so the snow is melting.
But it is still snowing and although they have predicted it will stop and in some cases they are reporting it has stopped ( I guess their homes don't have windows) I really don't believe any of them. When I don't see a snowflake I'll say it has stopped snowing.

I do miss the sun from last week. I don't miss the humidity. Naturally curly hair which I blow dry straight and extremely high humidity caused a poodle look to come back ( and no I don't mean a poodle skirt).

I have stepped up my exercise program and bought a stand for my stability ball ( which in my case was never stable) and a pump to keep it firmer. When the weather got cold it deflated and I felt like I'm sitting on the floor. Of course, we put the pump and it's attachment in a " safe" place and forgot where we put it. My guess Mark took it off when he was working on his bike.

I've been making bracelets and getting caught up on the business stuff so I really need some exercise to push me through the day. The alternative is all those wonderful Belgian Chocolates my hubby brought home on his last trip to Europe. They are sitting there for the most part. We usually share those together. They are so good. Some would say better than ... oh I'm not going there. Maybe that's why they are still sitting there. haha!
He's in Detroit dealing with EPA. He sounded frustrated on the phone this morning. He'll be back tomorrow weather permitting.

Have a great day everybody. Think sunshine !! It's only suppose to 15 degree's tomorrow.


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Libby said...

good luck on waiting for sun, cathy!i'm in ohio, & a blog friend from clinton, mi came down yesterday...but made sure she left at 6 pm, so she could get home before the rain/snow crap started!i can handle cold...but I WANT SUN TOO!!