Friday, February 6, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis on the Sea-Let the fun begin

I am so excited about this cruise. Tonight Mark and I are spending the night
at a hotel near the airport because my flight ( which he arranged) is at 6:00 am.

I should arrive in Miami about Noon and check into my next hotel until Sunday when
the cruise leaves. I will meet my roomy Saturday night ( just after I take my muscle relaxer)
so I should be in really good shape. I will probably wake up Sunday morning and ask
who she is and why is she in my room. My muscle relaxers make me kind of loopy.

Sunday we board the ship. I will try and keep blogging during the week but I am
really focused on relaxing so the thought of seeing a computer might make me seasick. haha!

This is the MSF Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Cruise for a Cause event. They do one every year and Mark and I went on the Alaska cruise two years ago.

This year Mark is going to the Miami boat show and I will be cruising alone. This is a huge step for me to be able to do this alone. I used to travel alone on business but not when I had MS or at least not with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I am up for the challenge and I figure if I am not feeling well I will be with several hundred people who get it and will understand.
I can always order room service ( which is free).
I do plan to have a few drinks with umbrella's and I have had many requests to " have a cosmo for me".
Seeing I am not much of a drinker this should be interesting. Who knows, maybe I'll walk better with a few drinks. If not, I'll just wear my shirt from my store that says " I'm not drunk I have MS"

This truly will be be Navigating the journey of MS solo. Stay tuned...


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Lisa Emrich said...

Hope you have a nice cruise, Cathy. Sounds like a good opportunity.

Libby said...

have a great time, cathy!! (drink a shot of tequila for me? lol!)

Julie M. Baker said...

Have a fabulous time! I want to know more about this. Maybe I can save my pennies and go on one of these cruises one day. :-)

Cathy said...

Lazy Julie,

The cruise is offered by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.
Their website is

They do a cruise everywhere to a different place and there are a couple of hundred of us. We take over the ship with our wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, etc. haha!
BTW I can't seem to access your blog without getting an error message. Not sure if it my system or yours but I thought you should know.

Hope you can jon us next year.

Cathy said...

Thanks Lisa and Libby

Had a great time. I'll be blogging about it later.