Monday, February 16, 2009

Back from the Wild Caribbean Cruise

I'm back home but the gosh darn room keeps swaying. I don't have my land legs back yet and
it is driving me crazy. I'm walking like I am drunk and I don't even have one of those umbrella
drinks in my hand! haha!

I met up with my hubby at the airport ( he went to the Miami Boat show on business). We had alot of time to kill in the airport and didn't get home til almost midnight.

I had a great time despite my pyscho roommate. I'll blog more about that later. She was a basket case.

If you haven't been on one of these cruises before they are wonderful. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation does such a wonderful job with these trips and Royal Caribbean does a great accomdating our "special needs". And of course Alana at Fun Cruise and Travel ( who always has 14 millions things to do to take care of us) does a great job.

Every year we go to a different location. They haven't announced the next years location. I'm hoping for Hawaii. Probably never going to happen. I already put down a deposit for next year.


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