Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Roses

So before the rumor starts. My husband did not join on the cruise becasue he attended probably the largest boat show in the industry because he works in the boat industry.
This show is always grueling for him and he has back to back meetings.

We had a hard time connecting this past week becasue of our schedules and I had signal problems with my phone.

When I arrived in my room I found beatiful red roses he had sent to me. He also sent champagne.

My brother in law, Gene and his wife, M''liz and family also sent me chamapage and chocolate covered strawberries. Oh yum!.

In case you haven't figured it out I love champagne. So thank you everybody for thinking of me.

So before the rumor mill starts thats why Mark didn't join me. Period.


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Herrad said...

Rosaes and champagne how wonderful.

Libby said...

mmm hmmm. yeah we believe you... :-) nahhh, he knew you'd hog all the champagne, anyway, didn't he?